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My name is Mauricio Orizola, I’m a professional web developer with a 6 year university engineering degree in computer science and specialized in software engineering mainly in high performance client/server software development. I also have experience in developing efficient relational databases design and administrating large volumes of information.

I have experience in software developing. I started programming when I was 10 years old on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer using Basic and Assembler Languages, at the same age I programmed, for that machine, my first game that was a multiplayer version of the typical snake game. Years later while I was studying in the university developed and deployed all of the systems for my father’s accounting, auditing and taxes advice firm. This was the begging building software professionally where I haven’t stopped up to now.

In this blog I’ll share my knowledge and experience as a computer science professional, publishing articles for end users like tricks and tips for applications, as well articles for computer science professionals like interesting algorithms or routines, good practices, software and servers configurations and optimizations. I hope we keep blogs spirits where it’s not only a publications site but there are a conversation with readers leaving their comments and questions, which, as possible, always be answered.

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