Case of Studies

Here are some clients and projects executed to them as an example of our case of studies:

Intercomex Limited

Intercomex is a pioneering company in foreign trade outsourcing services using proprietary custom made software to track importing and exporting operations from their customers. Some of their customers are: “Avon Chile Incorporated“, “Sony Chile Incorporated“, “Caliterra Wines Incorporated“.

An electronic invoicing web application was developed that generates invoicing automatically extracting and analyzing the information from the proprietary software applying established criteria and rates beforehand, and sending electronic tax documents to Chile’s Tax Service through the electronic invoicing solutions provider, Paperless.

It managed to reduce generation time for an invoice from about 5 minutes to less than 1 minute, not to mention invoicing mistakes reduction.

Technologies used were: ASP.NET, AJAX and Microsoft SQL Server.

Mercomex Incorporated

Mercomex is a company with years of experience in ground load transport, mainly port. Some of their customers are: “Acerinox Chile Incorporated”, “Nestle Chile Incorporated”, “Concha y Toro Wines Incorporated”.

A web application was developed to program, coordinate, manage and track transport operations, letting customer know at any moment load status and history through the Internet. It managed invoicing and reports, including operational, administrative and managerial reports and statistics. Also it includes a fleet managing module to control truck’s expenses, petrol, tires, maintenances and repairs.

This system achieved to show a major transparency and efficiency to customers about the giving service, getting converted indirectly into an excellent marketing tool.

Technologies used were: ASP.NET, AJAX and Sun Microsystem MySQL.

Ñielol Optical

Ñielol Optical is one of the biggest regional optical chain in south of Chile that offers quality economic products. Some of institutions and companies that they have agreements with are: “Local Electricity Company”, “Gendarmerie”, “Socovesa Incorporated”.

A point of sale web application was developed that automatically calculates eyeglasses value according to frame and glasses features and corrections chosen, letting know eyeglasses status at any moment, managing providers’ requests and eyeglasses assembly , reporting cashes and daily collections.

As it was setting up calculation errors was discovered against the company in manually made quotations, this was due to eyeglass value calculation complexity, letting the system decreases losses because calculation errors and high qualify saleswomen, without saying branches remote administration, decreasing traveling costs out of the city. Break into two sentences.

Technologies used were: ASP.NET, AJAX and Sun Microsystem MySQL.